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For excellent vision care, choose Frank Eye Center in Ottawa, KS. For over 20 years, our team has been serving the community with compassionate, vision-centered healthcare in order to ensure that our patients are seeing their best. That’s why we offer comprehensive vision services. With regular eye exams, we can not only make sure that your vision is optimal, but we can catch eye diseases and more serious problems early on.

People with special risks or symptoms should see an eye doctor more frequently. We will check your vision, how well your eyes work together and for symptoms of common eye diseases. We look at your ocular health as an indication of your overall health.

Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are essential to your overall health. Even if you feel that your vision is fine, a comprehensive eye exam can check for symptoms and diseases of which you may be unaware. It is always best for ocular diseases and problems to be caught as early as possible. If you have other health problems, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or thyroid disease, you are at an increased risk of eye problems. In addition, certain medications can affect your eye health.

The recommended frequency of which you should get an eye exam if you aren’t at risk or don’t have symptoms is:

Eye Exams and Glasses by Frank Eye Center in Ottawa, KS.

Eye Testing

When we examine your eyes, we will look for damage due to frequent computer use and early symptoms of ocular diseases. We will also make sure your prescriptions are up-to-date. To do this, we perform tests such as having you read eye charts and using a high-powered lens to examine the tiny structures inside your eyes. Depending on the tests we need to do, the exam will take anywhere from half an hour to over an hour.

Cover Test

This test is used to determine how your eyes work together. The doctor will have you look at an object both up close and far away, covering one eye and then the other eye in order to test how far the uncovered eye moves to focus on the object. This helps determine eye turn, or strabismus, which can cause amblyopia (“lazy” eye), poor depth perception and other problems.

Slit-Lamp Examination

The slit-lamp is an instrument the doctor uses to determine your ocular health. It magnifies the tiny structures inside of your eyes so the doctor can see if there are any signs of disease. The standard of care is to include dilation of pupils when medically indicated.

Visual Field Test

This is a test for blind spots peripheral vision, which can determine signs of glaucoma or areas of brain damage due to a stroke or tumor.

If we do find that there is a problem that requires more serious attention, our ophthalmologists are trained in providing medical and surgical services to treat a wide range of diseases.

At Frank Eye Center, our ophthalmologists optometrist, optician, nurse and assistants all care deeply about the health of your eyes and work together to take care of your family’s eyes. Call us today at 785-242-4242 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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